19 September 2010

New 1.1.428.0 beta

The last beta 1.1.420.0 contains several annoying bugs that have been fixed in later versions.

18 September 2010

New 1.1.420 beta released

It seems that current release 1.0 doesn't work with the Flickr because of Flickr API changes and old library doesn't support them. Flickr.Manager 1.1 beta migrated to the new version of Flickr API library and works fine i hope :)

In addition x64 platform support implemeted in this version. Supported since 1.1.420.0 Download Flickr.Manager 1.1.420.0 beta

17 May 2009

About 1.1

In december i promised that 1.1 version was coming soon but i was wrong. Some problems occured so i couldn’t to ship it. I don’t know when it’ll be released but you can try it’s beta version using this link Flickr.Manager 1.1 beta

14 December 2008

Version 1.1 is coming soon

It will be released in a month and a half or so. Several nice and useful features will be implemented:

  1. Several Flickr accounts support
  2. You will be able to browse and see photos of the groups you are the member of
  3. Groups of groups i.e. you can group Flickr groups into you own groups and post photos into several Flickr groups without selecting each of them
  4. Ability to watch Debug log (to investigate some strange and difficult behavior)
  5. You will be able to delete comments you are allowed to delete.

And of course some bugs will be fixed.

21 September 2008

Tags sticking problem fixed

Today I found a nasty problem that caused tags sticking on new photo upload. The problem was when you uploaded a photo and added a couple of existing tags to it and adds a couple of new tags divided by comma (not space). After uploading the photo you got two tags instead of four and the first was combination of two existing tags plus the first new. This problem has already been fixed in build.

30 March 2008

Blog contacts' photos

Blog contacts' photos, originally uploaded by egoroff.

Now you can post your contacts' photos into your blogs. Since v1.0.0.293

29 March 2008

Upload improvements

Since v some improvements have been made on pictures' uploading. Before the version all pictures were uploaded as jpeg pictures and it wasn't desired behavior in many cases. Now all supported types of pictures are uploaded in their original format with possibility to resize or rotate.

format are decoded into JPEG format by Flickr not the application.

25 March 2008

Critical bug fixed

One critical bug that caused the program stop working under some circumstances has been fixed. All versions prior expose it. The bug was the program stopped working when a user had no tags at all or an exception occurred during loading tags, sets or blogs.

24 March 2008

Posting to a blog screenshot

Post to a blog dialog, originally uploaded by egoroff.

When you click on a photo (only one of your photos) you can choose the option to post the photo to a blog (if you have any attached).

After selecting a photo to blog, just right click on it and select Blog this ... option in drop down menu. You will see the following window (see image). You have to select blog, enter title, password (if necessary) and blog post body (description). In the body you can use any HTML tags you want.

How to edit photo's properties using Flickr.Manager

It seems that the access to tools to edit your photos' properties or to delete your photos is not obvious. To do so just right click on a photo and you will see drop down menu as shown on the screenshot.